5 key takeaways from KGF 2 teaser


The KGF 2 teaser was a real show-stopper. It actually exceeded the expectations in terms of scale and ambition.

The teaser of Yash’s upcoming film KGF: Chapter 2 was released in a leak on Thursday, which leaked just hours before its official launch. Not all leaks are bad because some come in disguise as blessings. For example, Dhanush’s “Why This Kolaveri D”. A rough cut of the song was leaked on YouTube to force it to officially release the entire recording. And as they say, the rest is history. But, for KGF 2, it seems not. Leaks have experienced massive inconvenience to producers for upsetting their promotional strategy and forcing their hand inadvertently to release teasers.

The teaser of KGF 2 was scheduled to be released on Friday with a celebration of Yash’s birthday. But, fans of the franchise were in for an early treatment. The teaser was an actual show-stopper. It really exceeded expectations in terms of scale and ambition.

The teaser makes it clear that the success of KGF: Chapter 1 has allowed manufacturers to increase production. It looks very ambitious in terms of visuals. Director Prashant Neil has doubled his taste for Apocalyptic-esque style and deep smoky palette in the sequel, giving it a majestic look and feel.

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Stories are not fun without a strong hero. In KGF 1, Rocky almost eased into the villain department. He did not face much trouble in landing Garuda. But, this is unlikely to happen in the sequel. The story thickens with the arrival of Adhira, Garuda’s uncle. We know that he promised his elder brother that as long as Garuda is alive, he did not express his desire to control the gold mines of Kolar. Now that Garuda is out of the equation, Adhira will take over the mines from Rocky’s hands.


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