Travel News: FitsAir Introduces Direct Flights to Dhaka

Sri Lanka’s FitsA ir, a prominent low-cost airline, has unveiled plans to initiate direct flights connecting Colombo and Dhaka starting April 2024. This strategic move aims to meet the escalating demand for economical travel options between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, thereby fostering economic growth and bolstering bilateral trade.

Competitive Prices and Convenient Connections

FitsAir intends to offer competitive prices tailored for both business travelers and tourists, aiming to invigorate bilateral trade between the two nations. Initially, the airline will operate two weekly flights, with the potential for expanded services pending government approval. Moreover, the meticulously devised flight schedule will facilitate seamless connections to key destinations such as Male, Chennai, and Dubai from Dhaka.

Inaugural Flight Details

The inaugural flight for the Colombo-Dhaka route is slated for 16 April 2024, featuring fares starting at Rs74,600. Ammar Kassim, the Executive Director of FitsAir, expressed enthusiasm about accessing Bangladesh’s rapidly expanding economy through this new air service.


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  1. What is FitsAir? FitsAir is a Sri Lankan low-cost airline that recently announced direct flights between Colombo and Dhaka.
  2. When will the direct flights between Colombo and Dhaka commence? The direct flights are scheduled to commence in April 2024.
  3. What is the significance of the new route for FitsAir? The new route aims to address the rising demand for affordable travel between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, thereby stimulating bilateral trade and economic growth.
  4. How often will FitsAir operate flights on the Colombo-Dhaka route initially? Initially, FitsAir plans to operate two weekly flights, with the potential for increased frequency in the future.
  5. What other destinations can passengers connect to from Dhaka through FitsAir’s flight schedule? Passengers can conveniently connect to destinations such as Male, Chennai, and Dubai from Dhaka via FitsAir’s flight schedule.

In conclusion, the launch of direct flights between Colombo and Dhaka by FitsAir marks a significant stride in enhancing connectivity and fostering economic ties between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The competitive pricing and seamless connections offered by FitsAir are poised to benefit business travelers, tourists, and the overall bilateral trade relationship between the two countries.

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