9Title: Motisons Jewellers Share Price Soars on Debut; Should You Buy, Sell, or Hold?


Motisons Jewellers’ share price had a strong debut but has seen a decline since. This article will discuss the outlook for Motisons Jewellers and provide insights on whether investors should consider buying, selling, or holding the stock. Additionally, it will offer information on the Happy Forgings IPO listing and its subscription status.

Motisons Jewellers Share Price Outlook:

Despite a promising debut, Motisons Jewellers is presently trading below the IPO grey market premium, resulting in a decline in its share price. Analysts suggest that current shareholders might consider selling and exiting their positions as the stock is anticipated to continue trading in the trade-to-trade segments for the next nine sessions. It’s crucial to consult certified experts before making investment decisions.

Happy Forgings IPO Listing:

The Happy Forgings IPO garnered strong demand, with a subscription of 82.63 times during the bidding period. The IPO allotment has been finalized, and the shares are set to list on both the BSE and NSE on December 27.

Happy Forgings IPO GMP Today:

The grey market premium (GMP) for Happy Forgings IPO presently stands at ₹282 per share, indicating a robust listing for the shares. This premium suggests that Happy Forgings shares are trading higher by ₹282, or at a premium of ₹282 to the issue price, in the grey market. The estimated listing price is ₹1,132 apiece, which is a 33.18% premium to the IPO price of ₹850 per share.

Happy Forgings IPO Subscription Status:

The Happy Forgings IPO received robust responses across all investor categories. It was subscribed 82.63 times, with the retail investors’ portion being subscribed 15.40 times, the non-institutional investors’ portion subscribed by 63.45 times, and the qualified institutional buyers’ segment booked 214.65 times.

Happy Forgings IPO Details:

The Happy Forgings IPO amounted to ₹1,008.59 crore, consisting of a fresh issue of 47 lakh shares and an offer for sale of 72 lakh shares. The IPO price band ranged from ₹808 to ₹850 per share. Proceeds from the IPO will be used for equipment purchase, prepayment of borrowings, and general corporate purposes.


  1. Should I buy Motisons Jewellers shares now?

It is advisable to consult certified experts before making any investment decisions. Consider the current performance and future prospects of the company.

  1. Is it a good time to sell Motisons Jewellers shares?

If you are holding Motisons Jewellers shares, you could consider selling and exiting, as per suggestions by experts. However, it is recommended to seek professional advice.

  1. What is the GMP for Happy Forgings IPO?

The grey market premium for Happy Forgings IPO is currently ₹282 per share, indicating a strong listing for the shares.

  1. How was the subscription status for Happy Forgings IPO?


 The Happy Forgings IPO received a subscription of 82.63 times, with significant demand from all categories of investors.

  1. What will the proceeds from Happy Forgings IPO be used for?

The funds raised from the Happy Forgings IPO will be utilized for the purchase of equipment, prepayment of borrowings, and general corporate purposes.

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