Between Him and Her Episode 4 – A Dark Turn in Lee Seol and Lee Dong-Hae’s Relationship

Between Him and Her Episode 4 of the popular K-drama series aired recently, leaving viewers emotionally invested in the storyline. In this episode, the relationship between Lee Seol’s character, Han Sung-Ok, and Lee Dong-Hae’s character, Jung Hyun-Sung, takes a heartbreaking turn as misunderstandings and secrets begin to pile up. Keep reading for a detailed recap of what unfolds in Between Him and Her Episode 4.

Han Sung-Ok’s Attempt to Reveal the Truth

In episode 4, Han Sung-Ok tries to tell Jung Hyun-Sung what really happened on the night they encountered each other at the motel. However, Hyun-Sung interrupts her, feeling uneasy and preventing her from disclosing the truth. Instead, he drops a bombshell by confessing that he spent the night with another woman. This revelation leaves Sung-Ok devastated and heartbroken, unsure of whether Hyun-Sung is telling the truth or using it as a defense mechanism.

The Growing Distance Between Han Sung-Ok and Jung Hyun-Sung

The revelation of Hyun-Sung’s infidelity leads to a heartbreaking separation between him and Sung-Ok. They start living in separate houses, further widening the emotional gap between them. Their once-promising relationship becomes strained due to the mounting misunderstandings and secrets they are keeping from each other.

Sung-Ok’s New Beginning

Sung-Ok decides to switch jobs and starts working as a designer in a new company, thanks to an opportunity offered by one of her high school juniors who has an unrequited love for her. This new job signifies a fresh start for Sung-Ok, allowing her to focus on her career and move on from the pain caused by her broken relationship with Hyun-Sung.

Hyun-Sung’s Jealousy and Desperation

As Sung-Ok moves on with her life, Hyun-Sung’s jealousy intensifies. He discovers that one of his close friends, Kim Hyung-Sub, also has feelings for Sung-Ok. When he hears Sung-Ok’s voice in the background during a phone call with Hyung-Sub, he rushes to confront him at a restaurant. However, he arrives too late, and the three of them have already left. Hyun-Sung frantically tries to reach out to Sung-Ok but receives no response, leaving him even more desperate to salvage their relationship.

The Mystery Unfolds

The episode ends with a mysterious scene where a man and a woman are seen sharing an intimate moment. A phone rings beside the bed, suggesting that it could be a call from Hyun-Sung to Sung-Ok. However, the identities of the man and woman are left undisclosed, leaving viewers intrigued and eager to find out what will happen next.


Q: What happens between Han Sung-Ok and Jung Hyun-Sung in Between Him and Her Episode 4? 

A: Han Sung-Ok tries to reveal the truth about the night they saw each other at the motel, but Jung Hyun-Sung confesses that he spent the night with another woman, causing their relationship to suffer.

Q: How do Han Sung-Ok and Jung Hyun-Sung’s lives change in episode 4? 

A: They start living separately, and Sung-Ok switches jobs, embracing a new beginning. Hyun-Sung becomes increasingly jealous as he discovers that his close friend and Sung-Ok’s junior have feelings for her.

Q: Does Han Sung-Ok move on from her broken relationship in episode 4? 

A: Yes, Sung-Ok starts a new job and focuses on her career, indicating her determination to move forward.

Q: Why is Jung Hyun-Sung desperate to salvage his relationship with Han Sung-Ok? 

A: Hyun-Sung realizes his feelings for Sung-Ok after their separation and becomes desperate to win her back, leading to a series of increasingly desperate actions.

Q: Who are the man and woman sharing an intimate moment at the end of episode 4?

A: The identities of the man and woman are not revealed, leaving viewers curious about the potential revelation in future episodes.

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