Citigroup Appoints Viswas Raghavan from JPMorgan as Head of Banking

Citigroup has made a strategic move by poaching Viswas Raghavan from JPMorgan to lead its banking unit. This appointment comes as Citi aims to strengthen its dealmaking capabilities and signifies a shift in leadership at both banks. With Raghavan’s extensive experience and expertise, he is set to bring valuable insights to Citi’s banking division.

Viswas Raghavan’s Background at JPMorgan: 

Viswas Raghavan, known as an ‘outstanding leader’ by his colleagues, has spent 24 years at JPMorgan, where he served as the head of global investment banking. His departure to Citi marks a significant transition in his career and is expected to bring a fresh perspective to Citi’s banking operations.

Implications of Raghavan’s Move to Citi: 

With Raghavan taking on the role of head of banking at Citigroup, the firm is signaling a heightened focus on dealmaking and strategic partnerships. His appointment reflects Citi’s commitment to strengthening its banking division and expanding its market presence.

Citi’s Project Bora Bora and Future Plans: 

Under the leadership of CEO Jane Fraser, Citigroup has embarked on Project Bora Bora, a comprehensive overhaul aimed at enhancing the bank’s operational efficiency and profitability. Raghavan’s appointment is expected to align with Citi’s long-term growth strategy and contribute to the success of Project Bora Bora.

Reaction from Industry Experts: 

Industry experts have lauded Citi’s decision to hire Viswas Raghavan, citing his extensive experience and proven track record in investment banking. The move is seen as a strategic step towards boosting Citi’s competitiveness in the banking sector and aligning with industry trends.


  1. Who is Viswas Raghavan, and what role did he hold at JPMorgan? Viswas Raghavan is a veteran dealmaker who served as the head of global investment banking at JPMorgan for 24 years.
  2. What does Raghavan’s appointment signify for Citigroup’s banking division? Raghavan’s appointment signifies Citi’s commitment to strengthening its dealmaking capabilities and expanding its market presence.
  3. How will Raghavan’s experience benefit Citigroup’s banking operations? Raghavan’s extensive experience and expertise are expected to bring valuable insights and strategic leadership to Citi’s banking division.
  4. What is Project Bora Bora, and how does Raghavan’s appointment tie into it? Project Bora Bora is Citigroup’s strategic overhaul aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. Raghavan’s appointment is expected to align with the project’s goals and contribute to its success.

How have industry experts reacted to Raghavan’s move to Citi? Industry experts have praised Citi’s decision to hire Raghavan, citing his proven track record and leadership skills in investment banking.

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