Exciting Film Releases and News Headlines: Merry Christmas, Hanu-Man, Captain Miller, Badami Hyenar Kobole

This Friday brings a range of thrilling films to theaters, including Merry Christmas, Hanu-Man, Captain Miller, and Badami Hyenar Kobole. These movies promise to entertain audiences with their unique storylines, talented casts, and captivating narratives. Additionally, recent news headlines feature the ED conducting raids at the residences of a Bengal minister and Trinamul leaders in connection with a civic jobs scam. Furthermore, controversy arises as the University Grants Commission asks varsities to use the ‘Beti Bachao‘ logo, sparking claims of propaganda. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting film releases and important news stories.

Merry Christmas – A Sinister Holiday Thriller

In Sriram Raghavan’s Merry Christmas, Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi deliver stellar performances as two loners who cross paths on Christmas Eve, leading to a series of intense events. This Hindi suspense thriller promises to twist the holiday spirit into something sinister, creating a gripping cinematic experience.

Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole – A Bengali Pulp Fiction Adaptation

Debaloy Bhattacharya’s Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole is the first-ever big-screen offering from Hoichoi Studios. Starring Abir Chatterjee as detective Deepak Chatterjee, the film revolves around his arch-nemesis, Badami Hyena, who wreaks havoc in Kolkata. With a meta-narrative and a talented cast, this Bengali movie brings the thrilling world of pulp fiction to life.

Bijoyar Pore – A Heartfelt Bengali Family Drama

Directed by Abhijit Sridas, Bijoyar Pore tells the emotional story of an elderly couple, Ananda and Alokananda, eagerly awaiting their family’s annual gathering for Durga Puja. Mamata Shankar and Deepankar De deliver powerful performances as they navigate tragedy and strive to keep their family united. Swastika Mukherjee also stars as their daughter, Mrinmoyee, in this poignant Bengali film.

Hanu-Man – A Telugu Superhero Adventure

Prasanth Varma’s Hanu-Man introduces Teja Sajja as an underdog who gains superpowers in the fictional world of Anjanadri. Teja’s character must protect his people from a powerful villain and save the world. With thrilling action sequences and a talented cast, this Telugu superhero movie offers an exciting cinematic experience.

Captain Miller – A Tamil Rebellion Against Colonialism

Captain Miller, directed by Arun Matheswaran, stars Dhanush as a local rebel leader during the pre-Independence period. Set in a village harboring a valuable treasure coveted by the British, this Tamil film follows Dhanush’s character as he fights against oppression and declares war against the invaders. With an engaging storyline and strong performances, Captain Miller promises an enthralling cinematic journey.


What genre does Merry Christmas belong to? 

Merry Christmas is a Hindi suspense thriller that offers a unique twist to the holiday spirit.

Who stars in Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole? 

Abir Chatterjee, Shruti Das, Paran Banerjee, and Pratik Dutta feature in the Bengali film Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole.

What is the premise of Bijoyar Pore? 

Bijoyar Pore is a Bengali family drama centered around an elderly couple eagerly awaiting their family’s annual gathering for Durga Puja.

Who plays the lead role in Hanu-Man? 

Teja Sajja plays the lead role in the Telugu superhero film Hanu-Man.

What is the setting of Captain Miller? 

Captain Miller is set in the pre-Independence era and follows Dhanush’s character as a local rebel leader opposing colonialism.

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