Haikyu!! Movie Drops Thrilling Theme Song, Leaving Fans Ecstatic

Haikyu!! fans have every reason to be thrilled as the highly anticipated movie, “Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump,” gears up for its release. Accompanied by an exciting theme song performed by SPYAIR, this volleyball journey promises heart-pounding moments that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. While the premiere date in Japan has been announced, international release plans are still under wraps. Nonetheless, fans can catch up on the TV anime series on Crunchyroll to relive the captivating story of Hinata and Kageyama’s quest to surpass each other and become champions.

1. SPYAIR Sets the Tone:

Fans can look forward to an electrifying theme song as SPYAIR lends their talent to the Haikyu!! movie. The teaser provides a glimpse into the energetic vibe of the song, emphasizing how music enhances the excitement of the game.

2. Premiere Date in Japan:

Japanese fans can mark their calendars for February 16th, the release date of “Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump” in theaters. With anticipation building, audiences eagerly await the chance to experience the thrilling story on the big screen.

3. International Release Plans:

While there is currently no official confirmation regarding international release plans, fans worldwide are hopeful for a global release. Stay tuned for updates as news about the movie’s availability outside of Japan is expected to surface soon.

4. Second Movie Teasers:

As fans gear up for the first movie, details about the release window for the second and final Haikyu!! film remain a mystery. However, fans can expect teasers and announcements to follow shortly after the debut of the first movie.

5. Catch Up on Crunchyroll:

For those new to Haikyu!! or in need of a refresher, all four seasons of the TV anime series are available on Crunchyroll. Dive into the captivating journey of Shoyo Hinata as he creates a volleyball team and faces off against his formidable rival, Tobio Kageyama.


1. What is the release date for the Haikyu!! movie in Japan?

The premiere date for the Haikyu!! movie, “Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump,” is set for February 16th in Japan.

2. Who performs the theme song for the Haikyu!! movie?

The theme song, titled “Orange,” is performed by the talented band SPYAIR.

3. Are there any international release plans for the Haikyu!! movie?

While there is no official word on international release plans yet, fans are hopeful for a global release.

4. Will there be a second Haikyu!! movie?

Yes, there will be a second and final Haikyu!! movie. However, the release window for the second film has not been announced.

5. Where can fans catch up on the Haikyu!! anime series?

Fans can watch all four seasons of the Haikyu!! TV anime series on Crunchyroll.

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