Market Outlook: US Fed Policy, FPI Inflows, and Oil Prices to Drive Markets This Week

As we gear up for another week in the stock markets, investors will be closely monitoring key triggers such as the US Federal Reserve policy meeting, foreign portfolio investments (FPI) inflows, crude oil prices, and global cues. These factors will play a crucial role in guiding market movements and shaping investor sentiment. Let’s delve deeper into what to expect in the upcoming week.

US Fed Policy, BoE, BoJ Meeting Outcomes:

The US Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting scheduled on March 19 will be closely watched by market participants for any interest rate decisions. Additionally, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and the Bank of England (BoE) are also expected to announce their policy decisions this week, contributing to the overall market sentiment.

3 New IPOs, 8 Listings to Hit D-Street:

In the primary market, investors can look forward to three new initial public offerings (IPOs) and eight listings across both mainboard and SME segments. This influx of new offerings signifies the continued momentum in the IPO market, providing opportunities for investors to explore.

FII Activity:

Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and domestic institutional investors (DIIs) activity will be under scrutiny, as their buying and selling patterns can impact market dynamics. FPI inflows have been steady, indicating continued interest in Indian equities.

Global Cues:

Market participants will keep an eye on key macro-economic data from major countries, including PMI figures, inflation data, and central bank policy decisions. Additionally, factors such as oil prices, currency movements, and US bond yields will influence market direction.

Oil Prices:

The recent surge in crude oil prices to a five-month high has garnered attention, driven by factors such as heightened demand forecasts and supply disruptions. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its impact on oil production will continue to influence oil prices in the coming week.

Technical View:

Technical analysis suggests a potential further slide in the Nifty index, with key levels to watch and sector-specific insights. Analysts provide guidance on navigating market volatility and making informed investment decisions.


  1. What is the significance of the US Federal Reserve policy meeting this week?
    • The US Fed’s interest rate decision can have a significant impact on global markets and investor sentiment.
  2. How are FII and DII activities shaping market trends?
    • FPI inflows and institutional investor activities provide insights into market liquidity and investor confidence.
  3. What role do global cues play in guiding market movements?
    • Macro-economic data from major economies and central bank decisions influence market direction.
  4. Why are oil prices hitting five-month highs, and how does it impact markets?
    • Factors like demand forecasts and supply disruptions are driving the surge in oil prices, impacting various sectors.
  5. How can investors navigate market volatility based on technical analysis insights?
    • Understanding key support and resistance levels, as well as sector-specific trends, can help investors make informed decisions.

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