MSI Unveils AI-Ready Laptops and Revolutionary Gaming Handheld at CES 2024

MSI, a leading computer hardware company, recently showcased its latest lineup of AI-powered laptops at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. Alongside the laptops, the company also made a groundbreaking entry into the handheld gaming market with its innovative gaming device, Claw. These new releases demonstrate MSI’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for both gamers and content creators.

MSI Gaming Laptops

MSI introduced an impressive range of gaming laptops, including the Titan 18 HX, Raider 18 HX, and Stealth 18 AI Studio. The Titan 18 HX and Raider 18 HX are equipped with Intel’s 14th gen Core i9 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics. Meanwhile, the Stealth 18 AI Studio showcases the latest Intel Core Ultra processors. Notably, the Titan 18 HX boasts the largest vapor chamber cooler thermal solution on the market, while the Raider 18 HX offers exceptional power with MSI OverBoost Ultra technology.

Gaming Handheld

MSI’s foray into the handheld gaming market introduces Claw, the company’s first gaming handheld featuring the Intel Core Ultra Processor. Claw is designed to deliver an immersive gaming experience and is equipped with Intel XeSS technology, ensuring support for even AAA titles. With a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display and a 120 Hz refresh rate, Claw offers gamers a portable and high-performance gaming solution.

Laptops for Content Creators

In addition to gaming laptops, MSI also refreshed its content creation product line. The Creator Z17 HX Studio comes with a vapor chamber cooler thermal design, providing efficient cooling for demanding tasks. The Creator 16 AI Studio features a 16:10 OLED display and weighs under 2 kg, making it a lightweight and powerful option for content creators. MSI also introduced the Creator M14 and Creator M16 HX laptops to cater to a range of preferences and requirements within the content creation space.


1. What sets MSI’s gaming laptops apart from others?

  • MSI’s gaming laptops feature the latest Intel Core Ultra processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics, offering exceptional performance for gaming enthusiasts.

2. What is the standout feature of the Titan 18 HX gaming laptop?

  • The Titan 18 HX boasts the largest vapor chamber cooler thermal solution on the market, ensuring optimal cooling during intense gaming sessions.

3. What is the key highlight of MSI’s handheld gaming device, Claw?

  • Claw is powered by the Intel Core Ultra Processor and features Intel XeSS technology, enabling support for AAA titles and delivering an immersive gaming experience.

4. How does MSI cater to content creators?

  • MSI offers a range of laptops specifically designed for content creators, such as the Creator Z17 HX Studio and the Creator 16 AI Studio, which feature advanced displays and powerful performance.

5. Are MSI laptops suitable for mainstream gamers?

Yes, MSI also unveiled gaming laptops for mainstream gamers, including the Sword HX/Cyborg/Thin 15 series, providing an excellent gaming experience at various price points.

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