OnePlus 12R Fiasco: A Deep Dive into the Storage Controversy

OnePlus, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, recently faced a challenging situation with its OnePlus 12R model. Buyers of the 256GB variant found themselves misled about the phone’s storage type. In response, OnePlus has taken a significant step by announcing a full refund for affected customers. This article aims to unravel the details of the controversy and shed light on the decision-making process behind the refund offer.

1. The OnePlus 12R Fiasco:

OnePlus 12R buyers who opted for the 256GB variant were initially under the impression that the phone boasted fast UFS 4.0 storage. However, the reality turned out to be different, as it was later disclosed that the phone was equipped with the older UFS 3.1 type. This revelation caused confusion and disappointment among both buyers and reviewers alike.

2. Refund Offer:

In an effort to address the situation and rectify the misinformation, OnePlus has taken a proactive approach by offering a full refund to buyers of the OnePlus 12R 256GB variant. The refund offer remains open until March 16, 2024, providing affected customers with ample time to decide whether to return their phones and avail themselves of the refund option.

3. Apology and Communication:

Acknowledging the miscommunication and error, OnePlus President and COO, Kinder Liu, issued a formal apology. Liu assured customers that the company’s customer service teams are well-informed about the situation and are prepared to assist those with concerns. Emphasizing the paramount importance of customer trust and satisfaction, Liu addressed the issue with transparency.

4. Technical Differences and Considerations:

While the disparity between UFS 4.0 and UFS 3.1 storage might not be immediately apparent to all users, it undeniably affects the overall performance and speed of the device. OnePlus contends that the OnePlus 12R still delivers a smooth experience with UFS 3.1, but some buyers may prioritize faster storage for optimal performance.

5. Restoring Customer Trust:

OnePlus’s decision to offer a full refund to affected buyers is driven by the desire to restore customer trust and reaffirm their commitment to delivering quality products. Liu reiterated the company’s appreciation for its relationship with the community and expressed the intention to ensure a positive user experience.


  1.     Why did OnePlus offer a full refund to OnePlus 12R buyers? OnePlus offered a full refund due to a miscommunication about the storage type of the 256GB variant of the OnePlus 12R.
  2.     How long is the refund offer available for OnePlus 12R buyers? The refund offer for OnePlus 12R buyers is available until March 16, 2024, allowing affected customers time to make informed decisions about returning their phones.
  3.     What was the technical error with the OnePlus 12R storage? The OnePlus 12R was initially advertised with UFS 4.0 storage, but it was later revealed that the phone actually used UFS 3.1 storage.
  4.     How is OnePlus addressing customer concerns about the OnePlus 12R fiasco? OnePlus has briefed its customer service teams to assist customers with concerns, offering solutions, including the option for a full refund.

5.     What is OnePlus’s goal in offering a full refund to OnePlus 12R buyers? OnePlus aims to restore customer trust and demonstrate its commitment to providing quality products by offering a full refund to affected OnePlus 12R buyers due to the storage discrepancy.

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