Rumor: Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 Could Be Bringing Back Fan Favorite Map

Exciting news may be on the horizon for Call of Duty: Warzone fans as rumors suggest that Season 3 could see the return of a beloved map. Dataminers have discovered files referencing “s3_rebirth,” hinting at the possible reintroduction of Rebirth Island. While caution is advised as these references could pertain to other elements, eager players are eagerly anticipating the launch of Season 3 in early April, which may bring about new features and the much-anticipated return of Rebirth Island.

The Speculation Surrounding Rebirth Island’s Return:

Rumors are circulating among Call of Duty: Warzone fans thanks to the discovery of files named “s3_rebirth” by dataminers. Although it is essential to exercise caution as “s3” and “rebirth” may refer to something other than Season 3 and Rebirth Island, fans remain optimistic about the possibility. Season 3 is scheduled to launch in early April, offering players exciting new content and potentially the return of Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island: A Popular Map from the Past:

Rebirth Island was the second map introduced to Warzone after Verdansk, featuring a small island setting inspired by Alcatraz. It struck a balance between its compact size and a reduced player count, creating fast-paced action without becoming overwhelming. If the rumors are true, Rebirth Island may incorporate Warzone’s Resurgence mode, similar to Fortune’s Keep. This popular map could potentially join the new Ranked Resurgence mode as well.

Season 3: What to Expect:

With the launch of Season 2, Warzone fans can already explore the revamped Fortune’s Keep, which boasts new and redesigned Points of Interest (POIs). Additionally, a secret vault has been discovered, awaiting players’ exploration. Speculations suggest that the vault may contain valuable loot, such as Warzone’s new Wonder Weapons or Zombies Power Ups. Call of Duty has also confirmed the return of the PDS field upgrade, offering exciting playmaking opportunities.

Fortune’s Keep and Other Exciting Additions:

Fortune’s Keep, a map introduced in Season 2, has piqued players’ interest with its intriguing features. The Research Vessel POI, a large ship floating off the island’s coast, is set to be added in the future, adding a unique element to the gameplay experience. Warzone’s popularity continues to grow, attracting over 100 million active players, thanks to its free-to-play battle royale format and various gameplay modes.

Caution and the Need for Official Confirmation:

While the discovery of “s3_rebirth” files sparks excitement, it is crucial to remain cautious until the official confirmation of Rebirth Island’s return. Call of Duty has previously hinted at the map’s release in 2024, but the exact date remains undisclosed. Until then, fans eagerly await Season 3, expected to launch in early April, which could potentially bring back Rebirth Island and introduce new features to enhance the Warzone experience.


  1. When is Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone expected to launch?
    • Season 3 is anticipated to launch in early April.
  2. What is Rebirth Island?
    • Rebirth Island is a map introduced to Call of Duty: Warzone, based on a small island inspired by Alcatraz.
  3. How does Rebirth Island differ from other maps in Warzone?
    • Rebirth Island offers a smaller size and reduced player count, resulting in fast-paced action without becoming overwhelming.
  4. What are some new additions in Season 2 of Warzone?
    • Season 2 introduced the revamped Fortune’s Keep map, a secret vault, and a confirmed Research Vessel POI.
  5. How many active players does Call of Duty: Warzone have?
    • Call of Duty: Warzone boasts over 100 million active players, solidifying its popularity in the battle royale genre.

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