Sarfaraz Khan’s Selfless Act For Yashasvi Jaiswal After India’s Declaration On Day 4. Watch

In a memorable moment during the fourth Test of the Anthony de Mello Trophy between India and England, Sarfaraz Khan displayed a selfless act towards his teammate Yashasvi Jaiswal after India’s declaration on Day 4. Let’s delve into the details of this heartwarming gesture and the context in which it occurred.

1. The Dominance of Team India in the Anthony de Mello Trophy:

India’s commanding victories over England in the 4th Test by 434 runs and the 5th Test by 106 runs showcased their dominance in the series.

2. Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Stellar Performance:

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s double century in the second innings of the 4th Test, where he scored an unbeaten 214 runs, played a crucial role in India’s declaration and set a formidable target for England.

3. Sarfaraz Khan’s Supportive Gesture:

Sarfaraz Khan’s gesture of pushing Yashasvi Jaiswal to lead the walk towards the dressing room after Rohit Sharma’s declaration highlighted his support and camaraderie with his teammate.

4. Jaiswal’s Phenomenal Form and Impact in the Series:

With match-winning performances and leading the batting chart in the series, Yashasvi Jaiswal’s consistency and impact on the field have been commendable throughout the Anthony de Mello Trophy.

5. The Significance of Team Unity and Sportsmanship:

Sarfaraz Khan’s act exemplifies the values of team unity, support, and sportsmanship in cricket, showcasing the strong bond and camaraderie within the Indian team.


  1. Who pushed Yashasvi Jaiswal to lead the walk towards the dressing room after India’s declaration on Day 4?
    • Sarfaraz Khan displayed this selfless gesture towards Jaiswal.
  2. How did Yashasvi Jaiswal contribute to India’s declaration in the 4th Test against England?
    • Jaiswal scored an unbeaten double century, finishing with 214 runs in the second innings.
  3. What was the target set by India for England in the 4th Test after the declaration?
    • India set an imposing target of 557 runs for England to chase.
  4. How has Yashasvi Jaiswal’s performance been in the Anthony de Mello Trophy series?
    • Jaiswal has been in prolific form, leading the batting chart with over 500 runs and impactful innings.
  5. What values did Sarfaraz Khan’s supportive gesture towards Jaiswal reflect in cricket?

The gesture highlighted team unity, support, and sportsmanship, showcasing a strong bond within the Indian team.

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