Shubman Gill’s Absence Impacts India on Day 4 against England as BCCI Provides Injury Update

India faced a setback on Day 4 of the second Test against England in Visakhapatnam as Shubman Gill was unable to take the field due to a finger injury. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed Gill’s injury, raising concerns about India’s fielding and adding to their existing injury woes. This article explores the implications of Gill’s absence and discusses the potential impact on India’s performance.

Shubman Gill’s Injury Update

The BCCI announced that Shubman Gill hurt his right index finger while fielding on Day 2. Although the nature of the injury is not yet confirmed, it appears to be a minor one, as Gill batted comfortably on Day 3 and scored a century. Surprisingly, there were no indications of the injury from Gill’s body language during his batting innings.

The Importance of Shubman Gill

Gill’s absence on the field is significant for India, especially considering his exceptional fielding skills in the slip cordon. He has been the team’s best fielder in that position, taking 15 catches in 21 Test matches. India has already been dealing with injuries to Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul. Losing another key player could pose a significant challenge for the team.

Potential Impact on India’s Fielding

Without Gill’s presence in the slip cordon, India’s fielding may suffer. Within the first half-hour of Day 4, Rohit Sharma dropped a catch at first slip, resulting in a boundary. This incident highlights the importance of Gill’s agility and reliability in the field. His absence may also impact team morale, as his fielding prowess has often played a crucial role in India’s success.

Injury Concerns for India

India already faces injury concerns with Ravindra Jadeja ruled out of the series and KL Rahul nursing his own injury. While Rahul is expected to return for the next Test match, India cannot afford any further setbacks. Gill’s injury comes at a critical time when the team needs stability and contributions from key players.

The Need for Gill’s Continuity

Shubman Gill’s recent century marked a return to form after an 11-month struggle. India relies on him to maintain his impressive performance until the return of captain Virat Kohli, adding to the uncertainty surrounding Kohli’s availability due to personal reasons. Gill’s consistent contributions are crucial for India’s batting lineup and overall team success.


  1. What caused Shubman Gill’s injury?
    Shubman Gill injured his right index finger while fielding on Day 2 of the second Test against England.
  2. Is Gill’s injury expected to be serious?
    Although the nature of Gill’s injury is yet to be confirmed, it is believed to be a minor one as he had no difficulties while batting on Day 3.
  3. How has Gill’s absence impacted India’s fielding?
    Gill’s absence in the slip cordon has already been felt, as a dropped catch at first slip resulted in a boundary early on Day 4.
  4. Who replaced Gill in the field?
    Sarfaraz Khan, who earned his maiden call-up to the Indian team, replaced Gill in the field on Day 4.
  5. What are the overall injury concerns for India?
    In addition to Gill, India is dealing with injuries to Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul, with Jadeja ruled out of the series and Rahul expected to return in the next Test match.

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