Soaring to New Heights: How to Launch into the Air in Palworld

Palworld, the multiplayer open-world survival and crafting game, offers players a unique way to explore the skies. While there may not be any traditional launchpads or mechanisms to propel yourself into the air, there is an exciting exploit that can send you soaring. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to launch yourself into the sky in Palworld using a clever glitch. Get ready to experience Palworld from a whole new perspective!

1. Unveiling the Launch Glitch:

In Palworld, there is an exploit that allows players to launch themselves high into the air. This glitch was discovered and shared on X by @mochachloee, and it has quickly gained attention among players eager to explore the skies.

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Launching into the Air:

To perform the launch glitch, follow these steps:

  • Aim a Pal Sphere at a Pal of your choice.
  • Throw the Pal Sphere towards the Pal, ensuring it hangs in the air and confirms the catch.
  • Quickly move towards the Pal Sphere and, as it confirms the catch, jump and climb on top of it.
  • Prepare for takeoff as you will be launched into the air!
  • Note that the height reached can be significant, and falling to the ground without precautions may result in death.
  • If you have crafted a glider in Palworld, pressing the Space Bar after launching will allow you to gracefully glide down to your desired destination.

3. The Sky’s the Limit: Creative Uses for the Launch Glitch:

With the ability to launch into the air, players can explore Palworld in a whole new way. Traverse vast landscapes, reach inaccessible areas, and gain a fresh perspective on the game’s stunning environments. Let your creativity soar as you discover hidden secrets and marvel at the beauty from above.

4. The Future of the Launch Glitch: Will Pocketpair Patch It?

Since the launch glitch does not appear to be an intended feature from the developers, it remains uncertain whether Pocketpair will patch this exploit in the future. As the Palworld community continues to enjoy this exhilarating glitch, it will be interesting to see how the developers respond and whether they embrace it as a unique gameplay element.

5. Palworld: A Game of Contrasts and Controversies:

Palworld has made quite an impact in the gaming community, with its vibrant world and captivating gameplay. However, it has also faced accusations of Pokemon “rip-offs” and concerns about the use of AI-generated art. Despite these controversies, Palworld has garnered a strong player base, with a substantial number of concurrent online players and positive reviews on Steam.


  1. Can I perform the launch glitch with any Pal in Palworld?

    • Yes, you can aim a Pal Sphere at any Pal and use the glitch to launch into the air.
  2. Will I die if I fall from a great height after using the launch glitch?

    • Yes, falling from a significant height without precautions will result in death. Consider crafting a glider to safely descend.
  3. How can I craft a glider in Palworld?

    • To craft a glider, you will need to gather the necessary resources and follow the crafting recipe provided in the game.
  4. Is the launch glitch an intended feature in Palworld?

    • No, the launch glitch is considered an exploit or glitch rather than an intended gameplay mechanic.
  5. Are there any other exploits or glitches in Palworld worth exploring?

As with any game, there may be other exploits or glitches present. Stay tuned to the Palworld community for any new discoveries and updates.

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