Srii Murali: A Rising Star in the Kannada Film Industry


 Srii Murali, born as Subramanya, is a celebrated actor renowned for his versatile acting skills and magnetic on-screen presence in Sandalwood, the Kannada film industry.

Early Life and Background

Born into a family deeply rooted in the film industry, Srii Murali’s destiny was woven with the silver screen. His father, S.A. Chinne Gowda, is a noted film producer, while his brother, Vijay Raghavendra, is a popular actor.

Career Highlights

His acting journey commenced with the 2003 film “Chandra Chakori”, but it was his role in the 2004 film “Kanti” that bestowed upon him the title ‘Roaring Star’. The movie “Ugramm” (2014) earned him critical acclaim and established his position as a leading figure in Kannada cinema.

Bagheera: The Latest Venture

On December 17, 2023, the makers unveiled the much-anticipated teaser for Bagheera on Srii Murali’s birthday. This 26-second glimpse into the film promises an action-packed narrative, offering a glimpse into a world rife with darkness and intense drama. Bagheera is slated for a mid-2024 release.

Fan Reactions to Bagheera Teaser

The teaser has garnered an enthusiastic response from fans, who have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the film on social media. Comments range from praising the Kannada film industry’s evolution to articulating the powerful emotions evoked by the teaser.


With his talent and dedication, Srii Murali continues to leave an indelible mark on Kannada cinema. His journey inspires aspiring actors, and his performances consistently captivate global audiences. Bagheera, his upcoming film, is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.


1.  Who is Srii Murali?

 A: Srii Murali is a celebrated actor in the Kannada film industry, recognized for his versatile acting skills and captivating on-screen presence.

2.  What is Srii Murali’s latest project?

 A: Srii Murali’s latest project is a film titled “Bagheera”, with the teaser released on his birthday, December 17, 2023.

3.  What can we expect from the film “Bagheera”?

 A: “Bagheera” promises an action-packed narrative with intense drama. The teaser provides a glimpse into a world engulfed in injustice and violence, where Bagheera emerges to combat these abuses of power.

4.  When is “Bagheera” set to release?

 A: “Bagheera” is scheduled for a mid-2024 release.

5.  What has been the fan reaction to the “Bagheera” teaser?

 A: Fans have warmly received the teaser, expressing excitement and anticipation on social media. Comments range from applauding the Kannada film industry’s growth to articulating the intense emotions evoked by the teaser.

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