Telangana Government Generates Rs 75 Crore through Discounted Traffic Challans

The Telangana government has successfully earned Rs 75 crore through traffic challans after implementing a discount scheme last month. With 85 lakh challans cleared out of the 3.59 crore pending across the state, the scheme has proven to be effective in encouraging people to pay their fines promptly. This article discusses the details of the discount scheme and its impact on traffic violations in Telangana.


The Discount Scheme: A Revenue Boost for Telangana Government 

The Telangana state government introduced a discount scheme for traffic challans, providing substantial reductions on fines. The scheme, which commenced on December 26, offers a discount of 90% for RTC buses, 80% for two and three-wheelers, and 60% for other vehicle categories. The initiative aims to incentivize individuals to clear their pending challans promptly.

Swift Clearance of Pending Challans 

Out of the total 3.59 crore pending challans across the state, 85 lakh challans have already been cleared. The discounted scheme has encouraged people to take advantage of the opportunity to settle their fines and avoid further penalties or legal consequences. This has resulted in a significant reduction in pending traffic challans in Telangana.

Benefit for Different Vehicle Categories 

The discount scheme introduced by the Telangana government applies to various vehicle categories. The highest discount of 90% is offered to RTC buses, ensuring a substantial reduction in their outstanding traffic fines. Similarly, two and three-wheelers receive an 80% discount, while other vehicle categories enjoy a 60% reduction. This scheme aims to provide relief to vehicle owners while ensuring compliance with traffic regulations.

Encouraging Prompt Payment: Appeal by Traffic Official 

Mr. P. Vishwa Prasad, Additional Commissioner (Traffic), has urged individuals to make prompt payments for their traffic challans. He emphasized the importance of paying fines without delay and advised against waiting until the last moment. The discount scheme provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to clear their dues and avoid any further penalties or inconveniences.

The Larger Purpose: Promoting Awareness and Compliance 

While generating revenue through traffic challans is one aspect, the primary goal of the traffic police in Telangana is to promote awareness and ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations. The penalties imposed aim to deter individuals from repeating traffic violations. Additionally, the traffic police organize awareness programs to educate people about traffic rules, further contributing to road safety.


  1. What is the total revenue earned by the Telangana government through traffic challans?

    • The Telangana government has earned Rs 75 crore through traffic challans under the discount scheme.
  2. How many pending challans have been cleared as of now?

    • Out of the 3.59 crore pending challans across Telangana, 85 lakh challans have been cleared so far.
  3. What discounts are offered under the scheme for different vehicle categories?

    • RTC buses receive a 90% discount, two and three-wheelers receive an 80% discount, and other vehicle categories enjoy a 60% reduction.
  4. What advice has been given to individuals regarding payment of traffic challans?

    • Traffic officials have urged individuals to make prompt payments and avoid waiting until the last moment to settle their fines.
  5. Apart from revenue generation, what is the objective of the traffic police in Telangana?

    • The traffic police aim to promote awareness about traffic rules and regulations, ensuring compliance and contributing to road safety.

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