The Harrowing True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Society of the Snow’

 Netflix’s ‘Society of the Snow’ is a gripping film that tells the harrowing true story of Flight 571, a plane that crashed in 1972, leaving a group of Uruguayan rugby players stranded in the Andes Mountains. With no food or water available, the survivors were forced to resort to cannibalism for their survival. This article delves into the details of the crash, the struggles faced by the passengers, and their ultimate rescue.

1. Who Was on Flight 571?

 Flight 571 carried 45 people, including a Uruguayan rugby team, their family and friends, and a woman who was on her way to her daughter’s wedding. The majority of the passengers were members of the Christian Club rugby team, traveling from Uruguay to Chile.

2. Why Did Flight 571 Crash?

 Multiple errors contributed to the crash of Flight 571. The plane was ill-equipped for the journey due to its altitude limit and weak engine. Furthermore, the pilot chose a dangerous route to avoid bad weather, leading to a crash in the Andes Mountains. The impact killed twelve people and left others with life-threatening injuries.

3. What Happened After Flight 571 Crashed?

 After the crash, the survivors used the fuselage as a shelter, creating a barrier with suitcases, clothing, and seats to keep out the snow. They initially survived on the snacks found on the plane, but when supplies ran out, they resorted to cannibalism. Tragically, an avalanche buried the fuselage on day 17, resulting in the death of eight people. After three days trapped beneath the snow, the survivors dug themselves out.

4. How Did the Passengers of Flight 571 Survive?

 Before the crash, the pilot mistakenly informed the passengers that they were near Chile. Three survivors, Nando Parrado, Roberto Canessa, and Antonio Vizintín, decided to hike over the mountains in search of help. After 10 days of trekking, Parrado and Canessa encountered Sergio Catalan, who alerted the authorities. The military rescued Parrado and Canessa, while a separate team retrieved the remaining survivors from the fuselage. In total, the passengers survived 72 days in the wilderness.

5. What Happened After the Passengers from Flight 571 Were Rescued?

 The story of the rugby players’ survival captivated the world, and while some were disturbed by their resorting to cannibalism, the survivors remained unbothered by public opinion. Several of the survivors, including Parrado and Canessa, went on to write books about their experience. Their accounts inspired various films and television series, like ‘Yellowjackets’.


  1. Was Flight 571 a real incident?

    • Yes, Flight 571 was a real incident that occurred in 1972 when a plane carrying a Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes Mountains.
  2. How long did the survivors remain stranded before being rescued?

    • The survivors of Flight 571 were stranded for 72 days in the harsh conditions of the Andes Mountains before being rescued.
  3. Did the survivors resort to cannibalism?

    • Yes, due to lack of food, the survivors eventually resorted to cannibalism in order to stay alive until rescue arrived.
  4. How did the survivors communicate with rescuers?

    • Two survivors, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, encountered a man named Sergio Catalan and managed to communicate their desperate situation through written notes.
  5. What happened to the survivors after their rescue?

    • After being rescued, the survivors received medical treatment for various ailments such as altitude sickness, dehydration, and malnutrition. Some of them went on to share their stories through books and inspired adaptations in film and television.

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