Title: Foundation Church in Southfield Extends Community Service Throughout the Year


 Foundation Church, a mission-driven church in Southfield, Michigan, is making a lasting impact on its community by focusing on community service beyond the holiday season. Under the leadership of overseer Timothy Hill II, the church has experienced significant growth and continues to serve as a beacon of hope and support for the local residents. From offering senior care at their Adult Day Center to hosting free pop-up shops and food pantries, Foundation Church is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

A Multi-Generational Church with a Heart for the Community

 Foundation Church is not just about numbers; it is about building a strong family-oriented community centered around faith and love. Overseer Timothy Hill II emphasizes the importance of serving people of all ages and backgrounds. The church’s recent addition of an Adult Day Center exemplifies its commitment to caring for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, Foundation Church allows families to attend to their daily responsibilities while ensuring their loved ones receive the support they need.

52 Missions a Year – One Mission a Week

Foundation Church goes above and beyond by dedicating itself to 52 missions per year, equating to one mission every week leading up to Sunday services. This consistent effort allows the church to address various needs within the community and provide ongoing support. Whether it is organizing free pop-up shops during the holiday season or offering a pantry for individuals to “shop” for groceries and fresh food items, Foundation Church aims to alleviate financial burdens and spread joy to those facing hardship.


a.       Is Foundation Church only focused on community service during the holidays?

 No, Foundation Church is committed to community service throughout the year. Their aim is to make a difference in people’s lives continuously.

b.      What services does the Adult Day Center at Foundation Church offer?

 The Adult Day Center at Foundation Church provides senior care for individuals in Southfield and beyond. It ensures that seniors and those with disabilities receive quality care and support while their loved ones attend to their daily activities.

c.       How does Foundation Church fund their community service initiatives?

 Foundation Church relies on donations and the support of its congregation to fund its community service initiatives. They also accept donations of clothes, toys, and other items to help those in need.

d.      Can anyone access the services provided by Foundation Church’s pantry?

 Yes, Foundation Church’s pantry is open to anyone in need. It allows individuals to “shop” for groceries and fresh food items without financial strain, helping to alleviate food insecurity in the community.

e.       How can I get involved with Foundation Church’s community service efforts?

 If you are interested in getting involved with Foundation Church’s community service efforts, you can reach out to the church directly or attend their services to learn more about volunteer opportunities and ways to contribute.

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