Title: Japan Earthquake: 12 Killed as 155 Quakes Hit Japan on New Year’s Day, Thousands Evacuated, Several Houses Without Power


 A series of devastating earthquakes struck Japan on the first day of 2024, resulting in the loss of twelve lives and the evacuation of thousands of people. As the country continues to grapple with the aftermath, several regions are without power, major highways remain non-operational, and rescue operations are hindered by damaged and blocked roads. The Japan Meteorological Office has warned of the possibility of more powerful shocks in the coming days, adding to the country’s challenges.

Thousands Evacuated in Worst-Affected Region:

 Japan’s Noto Peninsula, the worst-affected region in the earthquakes, has seen the deployment of thousands of army personnel to aid in rescue efforts. However, damaged and blocked roads have disrupted the operations, with one airport shutting down due to runway cracks. Rail services and flights have also been suspended in the area.

Transport Disruptions:

 Japan’s Transport Ministry has reported the halting of expressways, high-speed rail services, local train lines, and ferry lines, causing significant transportation disruptions. Additionally, 38 flights have been canceled since the earthquakes struck.

Potential for More Powerful Shocks:

 While the scale of the damage from the initial earthquake and subsequent ones is still being evaluated, the Japan Meteorological Office has cautioned the nation about the possibility of more powerful shocks in the days ahead. The threat of further earthquakes adds to the ongoing challenges faced by the affected regions.

Fire Outbreaks and Evacuations:

 The earthquakes triggered a major fire in Wajima, engulfing a row of houses. Evacuations were conducted in the dark, with people carrying blankets and babies. The overwhelmed Wajima Fire Department received a rising number of rescue requests and reports of damages.

Tsunami Warnings and International Support:

 Following the powerful quakes in Japan, tsunami warnings were issued by Russia, South Korea, and North Korea. A below 3.3-feet tsunami reached South Korea’s east coast, while North Korea warned of possible waves over 2 meters. US President Joe Biden expressed readiness to offer any necessary help to Japan, highlighting the deep bond of friendship between the two countries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How many earthquakes struck Japan on New Year’s Day?

  • Japan faced a series of 155 earthquakes on January 1, 2024.
  1. How many fatalities have been reported as a result of the earthquakes?

  • At least twelve people lost their lives due to the earthquakes.
  1. What transportation disruptions have occurred in the affected regions?

  • Expressways, high-speed rail services, local train lines, and ferry lines have been halted, and 38 flights have been canceled.
  1. Has international support been offered to Japan?

  • US President Joe Biden stated that the United States is ready to provide any necessary assistance to Japan.
  1. Are there concerns about further earthquake activity?

  • The Japan Meteorological Office has warned about the possibility of more powerful shocks occurring in the coming days, adding to the challenges faced by the nation.

In the wake of this tragic event, Japan is working tirelessly to provide aid, restore essential services, and ensure the safety and well-being of its people. International support and solidarity continue to pour in as the nation navigates through this difficult time.

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