Mitchell Marsh Misses Out on Boxing Day Test Hundred, Jokes About Family History

Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh displayed a mix of humor and disappointment after narrowly missing out on a century in the Boxing Day Test against Pakistan. Marsh, who scored an impressive 96 runs, jokingly highlighted the Marsh family’s history of falling short of hundreds in this iconic Test match. With his brother Shaun Marsh being run out for 99 in 2014 and their father Geoff Marsh scoring 86 in 1991, Mitchell Marsh became the latest member to join the club. Despite the disappointment, Marsh’s fighting knock and a solid partnership with Steve Smith helped rescue Australia from a top-order collapse.

Marsh Family’s Near Misses in Boxing Day Tests:

It seems the Marsh family has a knack for falling just short of a Boxing Day Test hundred. Mitchell Marsh, in a light-hearted manner, mentioned that his brother Shaun Marsh was run out for 99 during the 2014 Boxing Day Test, while their father Geoff Marsh scored 86 in 1991. This shared history adds a touch of irony to Mitchell’s missed opportunity but also showcases the family’s contribution to Australian cricket on this prestigious occasion.

Mitchell Marsh’s Resilience in a Challenging Situation:

When Mitchell Marsh walked to the crease, Australia was struggling at 16 for 4 in their second innings, holding onto a slim 70-run lead. Facing the bowling threat posed by Mir Hamza and Shaheen Shah Afridi, Marsh had to dig deep and show resilience. With the possibility of a hat-trick looming and Australia’s lower-order batsmen exposed, Marsh showed composure and determination to weather the storm and provide stability to the team.

Solid Partnership with Steve Smith:

Marsh’s innings gained even more significance as he joined forces with Steve Smith to form a crucial 153-run partnership. This partnership not only helped Australia recover from the top-order collapse but also allowed them to establish a substantial lead of 241 runs against Pakistan. Marsh’s contribution in this partnership was pivotal, as he provided support and played a crucial role in the team’s recovery.

Reflecting on a Fighting 96-run Knock:

Despite falling short of a hundred, Mitchell Marsh’s knock of 96 was a testament to his fighting spirit. The challenging conditions, with swinging deliveries and a determined Shaheen Shah Afridi, made batting a daunting task. Marsh admitted that it was hard work and required him to stay true to his game plan. Despite the difficulties, he managed to put away the bad balls and make a valuable contribution to the team’s cause.

The Importance of Staying True to Oneself:

Mitchell Marsh emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself in difficult situations. With the team in trouble, he had to gather his thoughts and approach the game in a way that suited his style of play. Marsh’s ability to stick to his game plan and adapt to the challenging conditions allowed him to anchor the innings and guide Australia to a commanding position.


1. Did Mitchell Marsh miss out on a century in the Boxing Day Test against Pakistan?

Yes, Marsh fell just four runs short of a hundred, scoring an impressive 96.

2. How does Mitchell Marsh’s near-miss compare to his family’s history in Boxing Day Tests?

Marsh’s brother Shaun was run out for 99 in the 2014 Boxing Day Test, while their father Geoff scored 86 in 1991.

3. How did Mitchell Marsh contribute to Australia’s recovery in the second innings?

Marsh played a vital role in a 153-run partnership with Steve Smith, rescuing Australia from a top-order collapse and helping them establish a lead of 241.

4. What challenges did Mitchell Marsh face during his innings?

Marsh had to contend with swinging deliveries and the threat posed by Shaheen Shah Afridi, making batting difficult in challenging conditions.

5. What did Mitchell Marsh highlight as important during his innings?

Marsh emphasized the significance of staying true to oneself and sticking to his game plan, which allowed him to make a valuable contribution despite the difficult circumstances.

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