TITLE: Oscar: The Therapy Cat with an Uncanny Ability to Predict Death


Oscar, a therapy cat at Steere House in Providence, Rhode Island, gained fame for his remarkable ability to predict death. From his adoption in 2005 until his passing in 2022, Oscar astounded nursing staff by consistently choosing to sleep with patients who were nearing the end of their lives. This extraordinary feline’s story captured the attention of people worldwide, making him a viral sensation. Let’s delve into the tale of Oscar, the cat who could predict death.

A Unique Therapy Cat at Steere House

Steere House, a nursing home in Providence, Rhode Island, welcomed Oscar, a six-month-old kitten, as a therapy cat in 2005. The staff quickly realized that there was something extraordinary about him. Unlike other therapy animals, Oscar seemed to possess an uncanny ability to sense when a patient’s time was drawing near.

The Mystical Ability to ‘Smell’ Death

Oscar’s remarkable talent involved seeking out patients who were in the final hours of their lives. Nursing staff observed that whenever Oscar entered a patient’s room and settled down beside them, it was an indication that the person’s passing was imminent. This unique behavior earned him the reputation of being a harbinger of death.

Oscar’s Unparalleled Accuracy

Over the course of his life, Oscar predicted the deaths of over 100 patients. His accuracy in selecting those who were nearing the end astounded both staff and visitors alike. His ability to correctly identify patients on the brink of death led many to believe that he possessed a mystical power or an extraordinary sense of smell that allowed him to detect subtle changes in a person’s body chemistry.

The Legacy of Oscar

Oscar’s story spread like wildfire, reaching far beyond the walls of Steere House. Media outlets, including Viral News and Times Now, covered this extraordinary feline’s abilities, captivating audiences around the world. Oscar became a symbol of comfort and solace, offering companionship to those in their final moments.


Q: How did Oscar’s ability to predict death come to light?

A: Oscar’s unique talent was discovered when he consistently chose to sleep with patients who were nearing death.

Q: How many patients did Oscar predict would pass away during his life?

A: Oscar accurately predicted the deaths of over 100 patients throughout his 17-year life.

Q: What made Oscar’s ability to predict death so remarkable?

A: Oscar’s accuracy in selecting patients who were about to die astounded nursing staff and visitors due to his consistent track record.

Q: Were there any explanations or theories behind Oscar’s extraordinary ability?

A: Some speculated that Oscar had an extraordinary sense of smell, enabling him to detect subtle changes in a person’s body chemistry as death approached.

Q: How did Oscar’s story gain worldwide attention?

A: Oscar’s story went viral, with media outlets like Viral News and Times Now covering his remarkable abilities, making him a global sensation.

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