Pat Cummins Responds to Hafeez’s Remark on Pakistan’s Performance in AUS vs PAK Match


Australian captain Pat Cummins has responded to comments made by Pakistan’s Mohammad Hafeez, who claimed that Pakistan played better than Australia in the recent AUS vs PAK match. Cummins offered a composed response, brushing off Hafeez’s remark and focusing on the outcome of the game. With Australia securing a 2-0 lead in the three-match Test series, Cummins highlighted the importance of winning as a team rather than engaging in a debate about which team played better.

Hafeez’s Remark on Pakistan’s Performance:

Mohammad Hafeez, the Director of Cricket for Pakistan, made a surprising remark stating that Pakistan played better cricket than Australia, despite their loss in the Boxing Day Test. Hafeez acknowledged that Pakistan made errors but believed that overall, their team performed better than Australia. He praised their batting intent and bowling accuracy but acknowledged that mistakes cost them the game.

Cummins’ Cool Response:

In response to Hafeez’s remark, Pat Cummins simply laughed it off and said, “Ahh… cool. They played well.” His laid-back response indicated that he was unfazed by Hafeez’s assertion and did not see it as a significant matter.

Cummins’ Emphasis on the Outcome:

Rather than engaging in a debate over which team played better, Cummins emphasized the importance of the final result. He stated, “It doesn’t really matter, does it? It’s the team who wins at the end.” Cummins’ focus on the outcome demonstrates his determination to prioritize winning as a team rather than getting caught up in individual performance comparisons.

Cummins’ Achievements as Captain:

Pat Cummins closed 2023 with another feat, securing a Test series win as captain and achieving a second 10-wicket haul for his side in the longest format of the game. With notable victories in the World Test Championship, World Cup, and the Ashes, Cummins has played a significant role in reestablishing Australia’s position in world cricket.

Discussion on the Use of Technology:

Hafeez criticized the Decision Review System (DRS) and highlighted inconsistent umpiring decisions during the match. He referred to the dismissal of Mohammad Rizwan as a turning point in the game, questioning whether the ball had hit Rizwan’s forearm instead of his glove. However, Cummins defended the use of technology in cricket and suggested that decisions tend to balance out over time.


Pat Cummins’ composed response to Mohammad Hafeez’s remark on Pakistan’s performance in the AUS vs PAK match reflects his focus on team results rather than engaging in a debate. With Australia securing a 2-0 lead in the Test series, Cummins emphasized the significance of winning as a team. His achievements as captain further solidify his role in Australia’s success in international cricket. While Hafeez criticized the use of technology, Cummins defended it, suggesting that decisions even out over time.

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