Tristan Stubbs’ Forgettable Test Debut: Achieving an Unwanted Feat

 South Africa’s Tristan Stubbs experienced a challenging Test debut in Cape Town, becoming only the second player in history to achieve an unwanted feat. On the first day of the second Test between South Africa and India at Newlands, both teams struggled immensely, with a total of 23 wickets falling. Stubbs faced a disappointing performance on a difficult pitch, marking a turbulent day of cricket.

A Challenging Pitch Tests South African and Indian Batters:

The second Test at Cape Town’s Newlands Stadium posed a significant challenge for batters. Historically, this venue hasn’t favored batsmen in Test cricket. Both South Africa and India grappled on the first day, with the home team choosing to bat first after winning the toss. The challenging conditions troubled Indian batters, resulting in a meager total of 153 runs.

Tristan Stubbs’ Struggles on Debut:

Tristan Stubbs, a middle-order batter known for his destructive play, faced a tough initiation into Test cricket. Struggling to adapt to the unpredictable pitch, Stubbs failed to settle in both innings. Unfortunately, he managed single-digit scores in both, ending his debut with figures of 3 and 1. Stubbs will undoubtedly want to forget this challenging experience.

The Unwanted Feat: Getting Out Twice on Test Debut:

By getting dismissed twice on his debut day, Tristan Stubbs became only the second player in Test cricket history to suffer this fate. The previous instance occurred in 1896 when England’s Harry Butt achieved this unwanted feat against South Africa in Port Elizabeth. Butt, acting as a night watchman, faced a similar unfortunate situation.

India’s Collapse and South Africa’s Response:

 Despite their batting collapse, India retained the upper hand in the game. With just a 36-run lead and already having taken three South African wickets in the second innings, India remained in control. The match seems poised to conclude on the second day, and even if South Africa manages to add 120-140 runs, India will face a manageable target of 75-100 runs to chase.

The Game’s Outcome and Potential Target for India:

 The outcome of the second Test remains uncertain, but with India’s strong position, they hold the advantage. If South Africa manages a moderate number of runs in the second innings, India will have a realistic target. The match promises an exciting conclusion as both teams aim for victory.


1. Who is Tristan Stubbs?

Tristan Stubbs is a South African cricketer who made his Test debut in the second Test against India in Cape Town.

2. What was the score in the first innings of the second Test?

India struggled and were bowled out for 153 runs in their first innings.

3. How did Tristan Stubbs perform on his Test debut?

 Tristan Stubbs had a disappointing debut, scoring only 3 and 1 in his two innings.

4. Who achieved the unwanted feat of getting out twice on their Test debut before Stubbs?

 Harry Butt of England achieved this feat in 1896 against South Africa in Port Elizabeth.

5. What is the potential target for India in the second Test?

If South Africa adds 120-140 runs in their second innings, India will have a target of 75-100 runs to chase down.

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