Violent Clashes Erupt in Uttarakhand, Leaving 4 Dead and Over 250 Injured; Curfew Imposed and Schools Shut

Introduction: Uttarakhand’s Haldwani city has been hit by widespread violence, resulting in four deaths and over 250 injuries. The violence erupted over the demolition of an illegal madrasa and an adjoining mosque. This article delves into the details of the clashes, the reasons behind the demolitions, the response from authorities, and the current situation.

1. The Trigger: Clash over Demolition of Illegal Madrasa and Mosque

  • A team of government officials accompanied by policemen attempted to raze an illegal madrasa and mosque following a court order.
  • The administration declared the structures illegal due to encroachment on government land.
  • Residents in the Vanbhulpura area fiercely resisted the demolitions, leading to a clash with authorities.
  • Over 50 policemen, administration officials, municipal workers, and journalists were injured in the violent clashes.

2. Escalation of Violence and Retaliatory Measures

  • Unruly elements” in the area threw stones at officials, prompting the police to retaliate with tear gas.
  • The violence escalated as vehicles outside the police station were set ablaze.
  • Shoot-at-sight orders were issued against rioters, and the city was placed under curfew.
  • Internet services were completely shut down to prevent the spread of misinformation and incitement.

3. Response from Authorities and Chief Minister’s Statement

  • A team was dispatched to carry out the demolition after the court order, according to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.
  • Additional police and central forces are being deployed to restore order.
  • The Chief Minister appealed to the public to maintain peace and urged officials to deal sternly with “anarchic elements“.

4. Impact on the Community and Precautionary Measures

  • As a precautionary measure, a curfew has been imposed across Haldwani, with shops and schools closed in affected areas.
  • The injured are receiving treatment in hospitals, with many sustaining head and face injuries.
  • The situation remains tense, and the Chief Minister emphasized the necessity for a shoot-at-sight policy against rioters.

5. Legal Proceedings and Further Hearings

  • The Uttarakhand High Court had a hearing on a Public Interest Litigation seeking to halt the demolition.
  • The court did not grant relief, and the demolition continued.
  • The matter is scheduled for further hearing on February 14.


  1. What sparked the violent clashes in Uttarakhand?
    • The clashes erupted over the demolition of an illegal madrasa and mosque that had encroached upon government land.
  2. How many casualties were reported in the violent clashes?
    • Four people lost their lives, and over 250 individuals sustained injuries during the clashes.
  3. What measures have been taken by authorities to control the situation?
    • A curfew has been imposed, shoot-at-sight orders issued against rioters, and additional police and central forces deployed.
  4. Why were the madrasa and mosque declared illegal?
    • The structures were deemed illegal due to their encroachment on government land.
  5. Are there any legal proceedings related to the demolitions?

The Uttarakhand High Court had a hearing on a Public Interest Litigation seeking to stop the demolition, but relief was not granted. The matter will be further heard on February 14.

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