Yorkshire County Cricket Club sets sights on victory against Blast champions Somerset

Yorkshire County Cricket Club is gearing up to kickstart their 2024 season in style as they prepare to face Vitality Blast champions Somerset in the upcoming Abu Dhabi Counties Super Cup T20 competition. With a strong lineup and a focus on honing their skills, the Yorkshire team is aiming for success in the tournament. Let’s delve into the details of their preparations and aspirations for the season ahead.

Thompson, Wharton, and Moriarty reflect after Yorkshire ace it in Abu Dhabi:

Captain Jordan Thompson and standout performer James Wharton commend Yorkshire’s success in their recent match against Somerset in Abu Dhabi. The team’s strong performance sets a positive tone for the upcoming season.

Pre-season T20: Wharton shines in Abu Dhabi heat as Yorkshire start with a win:

James Wharton’s impressive innings of 60 runs off 39 balls propels Yorkshire to a victorious start in the pre-season T20 match against Somerset. The team demonstrates their competitive edge early on in the season.

Gibson hopes Ferreira can aid white ball improvement:

Coach Ottis Gibson emphasizes the importance of enhancing Yorkshire’s performance in limited overs cricket this season. The addition of new Blast overseas signing Donovan Ferreira is expected to play a key role in elevating the team’s success in white ball cricket.

Volunteer this summer with the Yorkies welcome team at Headingley:

Opportunities for fans and supporters to get involved with Yorkshire Cricket Club as volunteers for the upcoming season at Headingley. Join the welcome team and be a part of the exciting cricket atmosphere this summer.


  1. Q: Who are the standout performers for Yorkshire in the recent match against Somerset? A: James Wharton’s innings and Jordan Thompson’s captaincy were key highlights for Yorkshire.
  2. Q: What are Ottis Gibson’s goals for Yorkshire’s white ball performance in 2024? A: Ottis Gibson aims to see an improvement in Yorkshire’s limited overs cricket this season.
  3. Q: What upcoming opportunities are available for fans to get involved with Yorkshire Cricket Club? A: Fans can volunteer with the Yorkies welcome team at Headingley this summer.
  4. Q: How did Yorkshire fare in their pre-season T20 match against Somerset? A: Yorkshire secured a victory against Somerset in the pre-season T20 match, with James Wharton shining with a notable innings.
  5. Q: What is the focus for Yorkshire County Cricket Club as they kickstart their 2024 season? A: Yorkshire is aiming to start the season on a high note by facing Blast champions Somerset and honing their skills for a successful campaign ahead.

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