Behind the Scenes: Dara Singh’s Dedication and Sacrifice in Portraying Ramayan’s Hanuman

In the iconic 1980s television show Ramayan, Dara Singh brought the character of Hanuman to life. Behind the scenes, Dara Singh’s dedication and sacrifice were truly remarkable. Prem Sagar, son of legendary filmmaker Ramanand Sagar, recently shared some fascinating insights about Dara Singh’s commitment to the role. From having a special stool for his tail to not eating for nine hours due to heavy makeup, Dara Singh’s efforts truly showcased his devotion to portraying Hanuman.

A Unique Look at Hanuman’s Portrayal

A Tailor-Made Stool for Hanuman’s Tail:

Dara Singh’s portrayal of Hanuman required him to wear an impressive tail. However, this raised the question of where he would sit during breaks. To accommodate this, a special stool was prepared for Dara Singh, with a cut to allow space for his tail. This attention to detail ensured that the character’s authenticity was maintained throughout the shoot.

Sacrificing Meals for the Perfect Look:

Dara Singh’s commitment to his role went beyond sitting arrangements. His makeup as Hanuman took nearly three to four hours to complete, without the aid of modern prosthetics. To match the look of Hanuman, Dara Singh had to wear a mold on his face. This posed a challenge when it came to eating, as the makeup had to be done three hours before filming. As a result, Dara Singh would go without food for almost eight to nine hours, demonstrating his dedication to the character and the show.

Ramanand Sagar’s Mad Pursuit of Perfection:

Prem Sagar fondly remembers his father, Ramanand Sagar, as a hardworking individual who was fully committed to creating a masterpiece. Ramanand’s dedication was evident as he would conceive a scene in his mind at night and make last-minute changes to dialogues. This tireless pursuit of perfection led to early morning shoots, with cameras rolling as early as 4 am. The making of Ramayan was truly a 24×7 process, driven by Ramanand Sagar’s passion.

Overcoming Challenges: The Monkey Army:

One of the significant challenges in bringing Ramayan to life was assembling the vaanar sena or the monkey army. Creating the makeup for 500 individuals was a time-consuming task. Prem Sagar revealed that they used dried coconuts to craft mouthpieces for the actors playing the vaanar sena. This creative solution allowed the production team to efficiently portray the monkey army on screen.

Creative Solutions: Dried Coconuts for the Vaanar Sena:

While the makeup process for the vaanar sena members presented a challenge, the production team found an innovative solution. They used dried coconuts to create the mouthpieces, simplifying the makeup process. This resourcefulness allowed them to save time while still accurately representing the vaanar sena.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Did Dara Singh have to wear a tail as Hanuman in Ramayan?

    • Yes, Dara Singh wore a tail as part of his portrayal of Hanuman.
  2. How long did Dara Singh’s makeup for Hanuman take?

    • Dara Singh’s makeup for Hanuman would take approximately three to four hours.
  3. Why did Dara Singh not eat anything for nine hours?

    • Due to the heavy makeup, Dara Singh would not eat anything for nearly eight to nine hours before the shoot.
  4. Who was the filmmaker behind Ramayan?

    • Ramanand Sagar, a renowned filmmaker, was the creative force behind Ramayan.
  5. How did the production team create the monkey army’s makeup?

    • The production team used dried coconuts to make mouthpieces for the actors playing the vaanar sena.

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