CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024: Students Share Their Views on Tricky and Lengthy Paper

The CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024 has garnered mixed reactions from students across various schools, with some finding the paper tricky and lengthy. Let’s delve into the details of students’ experiences and insights on the examination.

CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024: A Closer Look at Student Reactions

1. Students’ Perception of the Paper

Students who appeared for the CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024 shared their opinions on the paper, with some describing it as moderately difficult and tricky. The length of the paper was also a common concern among students, highlighting the need for time management during the examination.

2. Varied Reactions from Different Locations

In Lucknow, students found the multiple-choice questions to be tricky but considered Section C comparatively easier. Meanwhile, students from CMS RDSO Campus in Chandigarh mentioned that while the paper was lengthy, they were able to complete it within the allotted time.

3. Focus on Application-Based Questions

Several students emphasized that the mathematics exam tested their understanding and application of concepts rather than rote memorization. This approach made the paper challenging for some, leading to a perception of increased difficulty.

4. Feedback on Specific Topics

Some students highlighted specific topics, such as Probability, as particularly tricky within the examination. Despite the challenges, students expressed confidence in their performance and expectations of achieving full marks.

5. Overall Assessment of the Exam

Students from schools like Strawberry Fields High School in Chandigarh shared that the mathematics exam aligned with their expectations. While the exam was not deemed excessively difficult, the emphasis on testing application skills made it slightly more time-consuming for students.


  1. Was the CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024 considered easy by students?
    • While some students found the exam manageable, others perceived it as tricky and lengthy.
  2. Which topics were highlighted as challenging within the examination?
    • Students mentioned that topics like Probability posed difficulties during the exam.
  3. How did students from Lucknow and Chandigarh differ in their perceptions of the exam?
    • While Lucknow students found multiple-choice questions tricky, Chandigarh students highlighted the balance of topics covered in the exam.
  4. Did students express concerns about time management during the exam?
    • Yes, the length of the paper was a common concern among students, emphasizing the importance of time management strategies.
  5. Were students confident about their performance in the CISCE ISC Math Exam 2024?

Despite the perceived challenges, many students expressed confidence in their ability to perform well in the examination.

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