Farmers’ Protest: Armed Farmers Plan Shambhu Border Breach with Gas Masks and JCBs

The ongoing farmers’ protest in India has taken a new turn as protestors armed with gas masks, JCBs, and bulldozers are planning to breach the Shambhu border. Despite failed talks with the central government, the farmers are determined to continue their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march to demand MSP support for all crops. The situation is tense as security checkpoints and barricades are set up to stop the protestors, leading to potential traffic chaos in Delhi and surrounding areas. Let’s delve into the latest updates on the farmers’ protest and the impending breach at the Shambhu border.

Top Updates on Farmers’ Protest:

  1. Appeal to Prime Minister Modi: Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and help end the protest peacefully. He emphasized the farmers’ peaceful intentions and urged for a law on MSP guarantee to be announced.
  2. Deployment of Security Forces: The central government has estimated around 14,000 protestors gathered at the Punjab-Haryana border, equipped with 1200 tractor trolleys, cars, and mini-buses. Heavy security deployment has been made at the borders, with measures such as concrete barriers, barbed wire, and iron nails to deter the protestors.
  3. Use of Heavy Machinery: Farmers have brought in heavy machinery, including excavators and JCB machines, to breach the barricades at the Shambhu border. Special arrangements have been made to ensure the safety of those operating the equipment, with some protestors wearing gas masks and anti-riot gear.
  4. High Court’s Concern: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has raised concerns over the use of tractor-trolleys on highways by the protestors. The court emphasized the need to uphold constitutional duties while exercising rights, highlighting legal restrictions on certain types of vehicles on highways.
  5. Police Measures and Farmer Strategy: The police have employed dumpers, cranes, and earthmovers to block the tractors from entering Delhi. On the other hand, farmers are planning to reach Delhi via alternate routes, aiming to bypass the security measures in place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are farmers armed with gas masks and JCBs planning to breach the Shambhu border?
    • Farmers are determined to continue their protest and demand MSP support for all crops, leading them to resort to using heavy machinery to breach the barricades.
  2. What is the central government’s stance on the farmers’ protest?
    • The central government has been in talks with the farmers but failed to reach a resolution, leading to heightened tensions at the Punjab-Haryana border.
  3. What measures have the police taken to stop the protestors from entering Delhi?
    • The police have deployed security personnel and set up multiple layers of barriers, including concrete blocks and barbed wire, to block the entry of tractors into the national capital.
  4. Why has the Punjab and Haryana High Court raised concerns over the protestors’ use of tractor-trolleys on highways?
    • The court highlighted legal restrictions under the Motor Vehicle Act, prohibiting the use of tractor-trolleys on highways due to safety concerns.
  5. How are farmers planning to reach Delhi amidst the security measures?
    • Farmers are strategizing to reach Delhi via alternative routes, such as Shambhu, Ambala, Karnal, Panipat, and Sonepat, to bypass the heavy police presence at the main entry points.

In conclusion, the farmers’ protest continues to escalate as protestors gear up to breach the Shambhu border with determination and strategic planning. The standoff between the farmers and the central government persists, with both sides standing firm on their demands and actions. The evolving situation at the Punjab-Haryana border underscores the ongoing challenges and tensions surrounding the farmers’ protest in India.

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